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    Feast your eyes as Chef Cidney shares mouthwatering, made from scratch culinary masterpieces via her social feed on Instagram. Click below to follow this amazing culinary master, as she not only makes you drool with the likes of her signature food porn. She’ll also gut punch you with her contagious wit and undeniable sense of humor.

  • Blueberry Yum Yum!!

    Blueberry banana overnight oats   This delicious, ready to go breakfast will surely make your meal prep so much easier! And the best things about it is you can put whatever you like in it. Here’s just one way! Ingredients About 2 cups Oats (I used a mix of half quick steel cut and quick whole grain**) 1 cup Light fit vanilla yogurt 1 ripe banana 1-2 cups Unsweetened almond milk, depending how stiff or thin you like your oatmeal. Coconut sugar Frozen blueberry Cinnamon Craisins Nuts Mash the banana with the almond milk. Then mix everything in a bowl, reserving some blueberry for the top. Put in portioned jars…

  • Late night carb load for boy toy

    Anyone looking to add pounds to their diet listen up! Eat you one of these a little before bed and in no time, you will pack on those nice pounds you have been waiting for. Obviously coupled with a good lifestyle through the day and exercising. Late night last night I made my boyfriend this open faced sammich soon before he was to go to sleep. He looked at it a little funny and said, “I thought you were gunna make like savory food”. I said NO worries! I got you! 1 slice calorie friendly whole grain bread Organic peanut butter ½ banana Golden raisins Local honey Cinnamon