Brined fried chicken and boozy tomato gravy

Random night at home I unthawed some bone in chicken thighs and decided to brine them!


Brining one means you are prepping your meal because this is not something that can be done in the fly.
Brining is essentially marinating something in a flavored salt sugar solution to break down and penetrate through the meat making it tender and full of flavor.

I used about 1 gallon
Sea salt
Homemade Worcestershire
Whole garlic

Sit over night with chicken


Pat dry
Dip in 1/2 cornstarch 1/2 flour
Mixed with RubOn! Garlic Herb Salt

Fryer set to 350-375
About 20-30
After done frying place in dry rack or paper towel
Sprinkle with RubOn! Salt free cajun spice

But this boozy tomato gravy was tge truth!!


In honor of cinco de mayo thw boozy part is dos xx! Any chance I can throw alcohol in a dish I do! So here goes.

Premade roux from previous recipe
Dos xx goes in now.

Next, Juiced tomato with garlic
-I just threw tomatoes and garlic in a processor to juice it. I then strained it right into the pot with the roux, brew,and tomats. Add some milk until I got to the consistency of gravy.

Seasoned the hell out of it with my RubOn! Garlic herb salt and fresh cracked pepper in the form of normal ground pepper since I didn’t have a pepper grinder. Still super delicious!

I then chopped some fresh tomatoes and put them into the finished gravy and drizzled the goodness over my brined ‘n fried chicken and homemade jalapeno cheddar biscuits. I used the Paula Deen recipe and added deseeded, tiny diced jalapeno, when it came out the oven, I rubbed some butter and sprinkled some cheese. The combo of this meal was amazeballs!


Definite must try!20170505083657_IMG_5634

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