Delivered Corporate Lunches


Tired of the same thing during your weekly meetings? Well look no further. Chef Cidney will whip up just what your meeting needs to succeed. Deliver any day Monday-Friday.

Corporate Lunches are for 15 or more people. Let Chef Cidney provide you, your staff or special meeting guests with a delicious experience during your next meeting or corporate event. Chef Cidney will work with you to create a delightful menu shore to meet the needs and wants of even your pickiest eaters!

Contact Chef Cidney for additional information and to book your Delivered Corporate Lunch today!

Foodtastic Friday Lunch

You and 2 or more friends can have a fantastic culinary experience for your Friday lunch! Order with Chef Cidney by Monday of the week you wish to have your private lunch. Your lunch will be delivered right to your office!

This service is available in certain areas only. Please contact Chef Cidney for more information and check back here weekly for the Foodtastic Friday Lunch Menu.

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All orders must be in no later than Tuesday 8PM!!!

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