Sup’d Up Cooking Classes

Sup’d Up Cooking Classes

Uniquely teaching kitchen confidence one technique at a time.

Premise: To teach independence and confidence, by taking you step by step–learning techniques including menu planning, shopping, cooking, and plating for yourself and or family.

Six techniques to choose from and a custom three course menu that we collaborate on prior to shopping–which is subject to change provided available ingredients. All classes include all three RubOn! Spice Blends, light nibbles before we get started as well as wine while cooking and paired with first course.

Put That ‘ish on Everything

how to use RubOn! Spice Blends

Quick Start

soups, sauces, dressings & marinades

Unimaginable Ingredients

ingredients you never thought to use

Let’s Get Coconuts

substitutes, gluten free, vegan, keto, etc.

Slow Roast | Crockpot | Pressure Cookery

quick braising

Knife Skills & Searing

knife saftey and searing tips and tricks

Choose the best package below that best suits your culinary needs and book your class(es) today! Also available 4-6 week packages. Bundle and save!

Cooking Class Package I

Multi-Class Bundle I

Cooking Class Package II

Multi-Class Bundle II

DISCLAIMER: Please note, “Package I and Bundle I” includes the complete culinary and shopping experience. Whereas, “Package II and Bundle II” excludes shopping but include the culinary experience. However, the price of groceries on any package is separate from the price of the class(es).